Loom waste?

The shortest thrums yet?

Granted, the sheds were not the greatest for the last inch or so... but it worked!

(Once I had a student who happened to miss one turn for one section. As luck had it, that section was threaded on the front shafts. She managed to weave well until that section was halfway through the shafts...)


A tubular selvage for differential shrinkage

After some experimenting, I have constructed a threading for a tubular selvage that works well for differential shrinkage.
Using this:

I now get this:

instead of this:

Here is a longer artcle on how and why. (Swedish version here)



The first of the magic carpets has taken off!


More corduroy

After the first corduroy samples I abandoned the table loom and put the next warp on the AVL. Much easier!

I had studied the corduroy chapter in The techniqes of rug weaving and wanted to try several ideas.

The first experiment was using two colurs in various sequences, with and without ground picks (front and reverse):

On page 408 there is a description of how to get triangles just by combining colours. The result is pictured in the gallery section:

I tried that (the very uppermost part of the uncut sample).
Here is what it looks like when cut:

My triangles are not very... well defined... But, perhaps, using "proper" rug quality yarns would have helped?

Oh, and I should point out that I did not even think about selvage treatment - that will be for another sample.