Looks like any old memory stick, doesn't it?

And it is. It is my "to go" stick, the one that lives in my pocket (how much more convenient isn't the modern sneaker net, compared to the old floppies?). Like does the key ring, some loose change - well, you know.

Then, one day, the jeans needed a wash. And (you guessed it) I forgot about the memory stick. And the key ring.

When I took the laundry out of the machine, I found the keys. Didn't look further, and popped in the next load.

The above memory stick has survived not one, but two machine washes, the second one on 90 C. And: it works! (Perhaps I should be glad it fell out of the pocket - would it have survived the dryer?)


Wider warp

After some thinking, I decided to weave a slightly wider tiger for the "best" lambskin.

Hanging in over sticky beam and beater to thread is not my favourite occupation, but it was only 40 (working) ends - one extra inch at each side. This is what it looks like at the back of the loom now:

This tiger will have a light yellow (tabby) weft - and the first one will get on the back of another, slightly smaller, lambskin.