A silk tie

I found it, and a couple others, at my nearest charity shop, and they cost me all of SEK 15 each... The true colours are maroon background with red and gold spots – the lining is a lovely purple. Both fabrics have black weft.

A scan, enlarged:

I tried to analyze it, but it was too difficult. I wish I had a magnifier that could be attached to the computer... Anyway, the idea is this:

The transition areas (between spots) is wrong, but no matter how I squint I can’t see. There are at least 60 ends per cm.

The lining is easier:

It has been transformed to another "transmitter transporter" (thanks again, Carla!)
As ties are all about bias, I had to make a separate pouch for the transmitter, placed inside the purple lining. It probably will distort the tie if actually used, but I thought it could be a nice addition to the “glam” page ;-)
Here it is, with a fake transmitter:


The transmitter pouch

Now it exists - it has it's own site: Myggsäcken.

Right now it is only in Swedish, mostly because I can't think up a good name in English.
Can anybody help?
- first I have to explain the Swedish name: "rygg-säck" is a back-pack. "Mygga" is a mosquito, but also slang for the small lapel-mounted microphone.
Somehow, I don't see "The microphone transmitter pouch" as something that would catch the eye...

... is one of the more glamorous examples.
(Burgundy velvet and gray swansdown)