Weaving, too!

Some time ago, the Swedish national guild had "unusual vegetable material" for a 2-year theme. (See some pictures from the exhibition here).

Today our local guild has its last meeting before christmas. We are having a cake potluck (if that is a word?). As I am not much into sweet cakes, I baked ordinary bread instead...

The twill bread came out ok, but the goose eye was too "complex" to survive the rising... (and no, there are no raisins, and no sugar - there are olives inside, salt and linseed on top).

And I'm tagging this post "weave construction", as it was a long time since I constructed a weave in this very literal sense :-)


Laura Fry said...

I can see the goose eye! :D

Looks delicious. Enjoy your potluck.


kaylyn said...

What a clever, weaverly idea, and an impressive loaf of bread.

Season's greetings.