One of seven

When I'm sewing several items of the same I like to do them a bit at a time: cut all pieces for best use of the fabric; sew (in this case) all the collars; sew all the "shells"; attach all collars and facings; hem them all (yes, my fingers hurt - I wish I could learn how to use a thimble!); line them all ...

This method is, on the whole, the most efficient. However, somewhere mid-point I tend to get depressed and/or panic: here I've been for a whole week, and nothing is achieved... So I decided to make one complete, with all adornments, closures - the lot.

One more week - then all of them will make their Grand Appearance on stage...

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Laura Fry said...

Me too - re: thimble. I've got a hole in my finger from all the hemming I've been doing. Nothing as exotic as yours though!