An experiment with skeins

I aquired some 3,5 kg of fine cotton yarn (probably 24/2) the other day. It is skeined, and some skeins have brownish stains.

As there were many skeins, I decided to risk losing a couple - selected two stained ones, put in a number of extra figure-eight ties. Then I washed them in the washing-machine. One skein was in a bag, the other was "free".
To minimize the possible tangling, I selected the programme called "hand washing". Unfortunately, that programme will not heat the water above 30 degrees - to get higher temperature, one also get so much more vigorous washing.

The last picture is not in focus, but shows the two skeins when still wet. As you can see, they did survive!

Unfortunately, I lost sight of the stains as soon as I stretched out the skeins, so I can't tell if they did get clean or not, but at least they smell nice! Now, the big question is: was this just beginner's luck - or dare I do the same to the rest of them? And... dare I hope it will work without the bag, net time, too?

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Laura Fry said...

I'd be careful of having more than one unbagged skein in the washing machine. I've found soaking skeins for dyeing that they will sometimes tangle around each other. :(