I can't really blame the sheep for wanting to get out. It really is a lot greener on the outside (but all that is green is not grass, what should be "lawn" is mostly moss).
This is what I saw from the upstairs window a couple of hours ago:

They (actually, just this individual) kept escaping last week, so on the Saturday we spent hours fixing a better (bigger) pasture. There's not much grass there, either, but it certainly looks greener. See the line between the winter paddock and the "pasture"?

But... the ungrateful creature decided "lawn" was better, after two days on the greenish pasture. I could not understand how she had got out - the fence is well over a metre. But I was lucky: she wanted in again. Tried the gate first (maybe it would magically open?), gave up that and went to a special part of the fence, flattened herself completely and wriggled under. (I had never imagined a sheep could get that flat!)

... so I found some pieces of reinforcement bars (is what the dicitonary calls it?) and made some oversized staples. They "only" go 20 cm into the earth, but maybe they will hold a couple of days, at least.

Life is never dull with livestock (or perhaps I should call them "woolstock"?)!


Laura said...

or 'livewool'?

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Now, don't you try to confuse *me*!