A true visionary?

The French author Jules Verne (1828 -1905) was a true visionary. He not only visualized the submarine, the airplane and the space rocket. In his book De la terre à la lune (From the Earth to the Moon, or Från jorden till månen), there is a chapter called The Cannon Club.
(I've better point out that I have the book in Swedish only, so the translation, and the errors, are my own)

"The Cannon Club

[...] When an American has got a fixed idea, he always looks for another American with whom he can share it. If they are three persons, they elect one as chairman and the other two as secretaries; the fourth member becomes press officer. When they are five members, they hold a board meeting. The Club is constituted.
A month after its inception, the Club had 1832 active and 3575 corresponding members.
[...] "

(illustration shows all members after a couple of months?)

(written by a Facebook refusnik, just so you know...)

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