April spools day

Meg, over at Unravelling, suggested we celebrate "the humble spool".

Forgetting to take a picture at the studio yesterday, I was saved by today's flea-market find:

Nice and smooth, it has the exit hole lined with bone, which shows it has been used a lot.

The spool was a bonus :-) It holds a doubled fine cotton, 24/2 at a guess.

The spool itself is of ordinary brown paper, not cut to the "prescribed" oval.

Otherwise, my spool box looks like Cally's, except 95% of the spools are paper. Using paper you never run out of spools, or even need to empty them... and, like Meg, I have some that may be 10 years or older (the paper, I mean! - well, maybe one or two hold yarn that old too...)

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Meg said...

I have two Swedish shuttles that look the same as your style, one bought in NZ, one a present from mother when she went to the VAV festival some years ago. They are very close in length, but slightly different, and I've had to cut my paper bobbins every so slightly shorter for the new shuttle. Now I make ones to fit the shorter one because the size difference isn't that great and, well, one size fitting both makes work easier!

Thank you for taking part in April Spools Day, Kerstin.