Looks like any old memory stick, doesn't it?

And it is. It is my "to go" stick, the one that lives in my pocket (how much more convenient isn't the modern sneaker net, compared to the old floppies?). Like does the key ring, some loose change - well, you know.

Then, one day, the jeans needed a wash. And (you guessed it) I forgot about the memory stick. And the key ring.

When I took the laundry out of the machine, I found the keys. Didn't look further, and popped in the next load.

The above memory stick has survived not one, but two machine washes, the second one on 90 C. And: it works! (Perhaps I should be glad it fell out of the pocket - would it have survived the dryer?)


Laura Fry said...

Amazing! Glad it still works. :)

mormor said...

Ojoj, det var inte dåligt.
Kanske du ska sätta upp en påminnelselapp vid tvättmaskinen om att tömma fickorna? ;)
Hälsningar från Monika.

Lynnette said...

What luck...I know I'll be checking pockets much more closely now!

Anonymous said...

Hello Kerstin,
I'm trying to obtain a copy of your book "weaving a v" in th uk. Does anyone sell it here. Or can I buy a copy direct from you. I've tried to email you but it keeps bouncing back saying address not known
Many thanks

jean said...

Unbelievably, I just found my flash drive at the bottom of the washing machine- and I instantly thought of your post. It gave me hope that I might actually be able to retrieve data off the drive- and, after waiting a day or two for it to dry (?) I plugged it in...and, whooppeee!! it works!!! Although I doubt it would be a good practice to launder it regularly. Thanks for the confidence that all might not be lost!