More about horses

In Sweden, everybody knows how to tie the horses. They "must" be parallel, but opposite - like this:

(well, they can be the other way around,too)

Then I found a picture on the 'net - a picture that can't be copied, only linked to.
From what I can see, the horses are tied in a pattern I have never seen before:

Let's see if this gives the right photo:
Photos of Museo-Laboratorio di tessitura a mano Giuditta Brozzetti, Perugia
This photo of Museo-Laboratorio di tessitura a mano Giuditta Brozzetti is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Or is she using just three shafts? I can't see the fourth, but it also does not look like the horses are tied two-to-one-shaft...
If they are, they still look like a "different" style.

This is how three shafts "should" be tied, according to Swe traditions:

Either tie one shaft to both ends of one horse, the other horse to the two other shafts (works best, IMO), or tie both horses to the middle shaft.


Laura Fry said...

She appears to be holding what looks like the top of a fourth shaft? Having learned from Scandinavians, I was taught to keep the horses parallel, but I suppose the other way could work?

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Well, as long as the shafts balance each other, I suppose it works. But it looks weird to me!