The last about double pulleys

For now, anyway :-)

First of all: I now own one double pulley! It was there, just beside the double flyer spinning wheel - it rather seemed like a "double" day. Until I asked for the other pulley... the dealer didn't even understand the question: why should he have a pair?
Anyway, it followed me home (even though the pulleys won't turn):

In the last post about double pulleys I wondered about Grenander's sentence "[...]with two pulleys on two axles on the same level [...]"
Jean graciously sent me a picture of this kind of double pulley(s):

Thanks, Jean - I had never seen such pulleys before, but apparently they existed even here.

Anyway, when I unearthed my folding CB to ready it for a demo, I decided to try to rig a "double pulley" simulation, to see if it would work with the crossed cord tie-up.
I thought I would just tie four cords over the castle, like this:

Half an hour later I decided I wasn't very interested, after all. (IOW, I couldn't get it to balance/work...) The horses went back on, and the demo went considerably better that it would have with the crossed cords...

Conclusion: hooray for countermarches!


jean said...

Lovely pulley! Do you think the 1802 date is accurate? Maybe some lubricant?

Sorry about the failed experiment. I wonder if there was too much friction going over the rectangular beam?

bea said...

My experiences were similar, I wasn't able to get a clear shed with 4 heddles on pulleys, since then I'm a big fan of CM :)

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Oh, I'm sure I could have got better results, had I been *really* interested... (could have used texsolv for better precision, for instance) But this loom is, IMO, barely good for demo-ing, so my patience for fiddling with it is very short :-)