April shuttle

This year, I forgot about the April spools day until way too late.

However, on the last week-end of April, all glassworks hereabouts open their new summer exhibitions - for some reason they always (?) choose not to show pictures... Anyway, we went to Kosta, where I found this:

It was just a detail in a biggish (3 x 3 m?) installation by Bertil Vallien (and I neglected to take an overview picture).
In the second picture you can clearly see that it once was a genuine hand shuttle. (Click to biggify)

Innovative? Or sad?

(Here are a couple more pictures from our "arty" trip on the Saturday.)


Meg said...

for me, well, sad. Where do I go from the link?

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

The link takes you to my Swedish blog, which is a complement to the website "Bergdala, the village" (see sidebar). Both the website and the blog are centered on my village, and happenings in the near vicinity (as in not more than 30-40 kms away - one should *almost* be able to walk)

Re shuttle: I think the idea was "boat" in many incarnations.