Yet another mangle

this one compact, and patented.
The patent is interesting, as it is granted in 1937, but valid from '34. It contains a drawing, a very enlightening one (as you can see):

It was a bit fiddly to get apart - and I couldn't get the right-hand piece off. Or, well, I decided I did not need to get it all apart. (The cog wheels are very securely mounted)

(So why take off the left-hand piece at all? 'Cos the rollers needed some work, that's why.)

The spring is, well, a standard one:

There are some "golden" details:

The rollers, after some sanding and lacquer:

Now all that remained was to put it together again. Should be a piece of cake, yes?

It really wanted to have four pieces in four holes at the same time - the back connexion rod, the upper roller, the bottom "swing" for the bottom roller and the front "spring-holder" all connect to the left side, plus the bottom roller needed to be in its cradle on top of the "swing".
Everything would really have been easier if I could have had the spring in place, too, but I only have two hands... After much fiddling (and some new words) I managed to get the spring in place, later. (This type of spring isn't one one just "wrestles" in place.)

Before putting the table in place:

(When do I have 'nuf mangles, you ask? Well, I like to rescue them - and on occasion I do re-home them. This one has just moved to Denmark, and I might consider selling this one, too - weighs about 25 kgs, so pick-up is a good idea...)


Laura Fry said...

Nice, golden details especially. :). If I could fit it in a suitcase, I would be sorely tempted.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

OK, I'll keep it for you (for now)!
(er - how much is your allowance? when I grew up , it was 20 kgs wherever you went - but I think that was changed many yrs ago?)
- it *will* actually fit in a biggish suitcase, volume-wise!

Laura Fry said...

Baggage allowance is about 20 kg. of course if you pay them enough they will take heavier 'bags'...



Textil och sånt said...

Oj, så bra att du fixar till manglar. Jag har redan slitit ut en liknande och är nu på min andra handdragna mangel. Älskar den. Jag hör av mig när den strejkar - då kan din kunskap behövas.

jean said...

Of the last three table top mangles you presented, only one has the attached apron that allows you mangle the fabric without multiple passes. Is it possible to add an apron to the others?(if you routed a shallow groove to recess the start of the cloth)

Thanks for posting the patent drawing- even though I think the spring is attached in a different orientation in the actual tool. It satisfies my mechanical brain.