Some random weftovers:

Some waiting to become cloth:

Making the next batch:

I like to make three at a time, making them when the fourth quill is begun, and a new treadling sequence is about to begin (with the reed adjusted and the warp advanced, of course).

... this warp is taking forever... but maybe it doesn't help that I do lots of "whatever takes me away from the loom"?


jean said...

What do you mount your bobbin winder to? Looks like some type of frame.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Yes, "some type" is correct - it is my "make-do-and-mend" spool rack, made from something I found - see a picture at "upcycled" (if link doesn't work, search "handling skeins")
This winder has a slightly too narrow gap - it can go on my folding demo loom, but will not fit on the loom(s) I would like it to... such is life?
(OTOH - most of my weaving is going on "at home", so a stationary winder is ok)

- maybe (*maybe*) I'll get to the museum soon, to look at (no, I mean for: to look *for*) the heddle pics... meanwhile: have fun!