An experimental shawl

- a mis-understood idea that morphed into an totally different one...
The three bands were woven at the same time, beside each other. I had to use three shuttles, of course.
Now and again, two (or all three) of the bands were woven, with a single shuttle, into a wider band.
Warp and weft are all cotton, and the structure is plain weave.
When it was time to join bands, the natural draw-in made it difficult to get the join to look nice.
One part of this experiment was to see if/how this problem could be overcome.

I tried a couple of methods:
- doing nothing
- slackening the tension, then sewing the gap shut for 2-3 " up to the fell
- again slackening the tension, then pinning the bands together a bit away from the fell

The first method left loops.
The third method was difficult, and tended to leave (smaller) loops
The sewing looked as if it would leave holes (distorsions) from the stitches - but after wet finishing
there are no marks, and almost no loops. I should perhaps say that the stitches are meant to be temporary -
they can be taken out already after a couple of inches of weaving.

I have yet to develop the idea further...

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