the BAG bag

When weaving the chair fabric I warped for several generous samples, and put on some extra as well. After the chair was done, I had enough for a big floor cushion (not yet done), and a smaller piece for a bag.

As the text was centered for the chair, either the bag would be very small, or I had to piece the back. I chose also to turn the fabric, partly because I thought it looked better to have the leather band vertical. Now the horsehair is vertical on the front side, horizontal on the back.

Many years ago I had a bag that I loved - but all good things must pass, so, when it could not be mended any more, I threw it out.
NEVER THROW OUT THINGS THAT CAN BE USEFUL LATER... I could have used the leather and the hardware...
Anyway, the design of this bag started with the memory of that old one.

The resulting bag is about 40 cm tall, 30 cm wide at the bottom. It is closed with three magnetic buttons.

The leather pieces? They are from an old skirt - I never throw out things that can be useful later - if they can be stored flat...

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Laura Fry said...

very chic!