1:st homegrown yarn!

Finally, I managed to sort my first homegrown fleeces. They were shorn months ago, but temperature and weather were against my doing it earlier.
First, perhaps, a portrait of the "donors" - they are two old Finn ladies. They aren't interested in getting their picture taken, but here's one and part of the other:

It will be some time until I get the fleece washed, but I wanted to spin a couple of small samples all the same.
This is the first - carded and "spindled":

After plying and washing it looks like this:

This small sample is approximately 10 wraps per centimeter. It came out nice and lofty with lots of elasticity.

Next sample will be combed, I think.


Laura Fry said...

So do you prefer your spindle or wheel?


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

for 15 meter samples the spindle wins every time ;-)
(serious while-at-home production is another matter, though)