Worsted, sort of

Second sample was combed, still unwashed. That was not very wise - even that small amount did gunk the combs up. I could not find the diz, so I used a nice abalone button instead.

It was more difficult that I remembered to spindle the combed fibre - or, maybe, I'm just out of practice...

Plied and washed it definitely has more worsted character than yesterday's sample. Some loft, a lot less elasticity.

Visually, they are not as different as I thought they would be.

I plied both yarns fron a center-pull ball, something I avoid when spinning "for real". Maybe the spinning direction is more important for worsteds than for woollens, but I think it makes sense to try to preserve the direction always. And yes, it means that, when I unload a spindle I first make one ball, then make a new one, just to get the direction right.

Now I really need to make that washing frame I have planned - or maybe I should just go for mosquito netting, while this nice drying-weather still holds.

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