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As you may have noticed, I like double weave for achieving special effects in one item (as opposed to double width).
It started with a somewhat hazy idea: what if I could make a (scarf) with a pointy end, with kind-of-diagonal pockets, and put someting in the pockets, and...
More or less like this:

(The unwoven ends would be a fringe, which would be "pointed", too)

After fiddling with the structures possible, and the scale possible (I have "only" 16 shafts), I came up with these:

To make it more, er, interesting to sample, I decided on a singles linen 28 for warp, with a cotton 30/2 for weft.
The first that happened was that is was impossible to make the pointy end with a singles linen warp... more or less all "outside" ends broke when I tried to poke the shuttle through. Well, plan B, then: just make the full width from the beginning.
That worked, sort of. After all, it was just a sample, so I didn't have to weave a whole scarf, right?
In the first picture below is the plain-weave-for-the-joined-parts. It worked, it worked, hooray!

Here is the basket-weave-for-the-joined-areas sample:

Hmmm... interesting: it is nearly impossible to see where the single-layer areas are! Maybe something fun could be made out of that phenomenon...?

However. The basket weave version was much more difficult to weave. Where there are areas of plain weave with a "normal" sett, there are also areas where to judge the beat - with the basket weave areas it was all too easy to beat too hard.
And, anyway, the pocket size possible with only 16 shafts was really too small. For the "dragon scales" I wanted to stuff them with, anyway (10-öre coins).

So the whole ideas was shelved for a while.

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