Bird's nests, of course!

The question was what to do with the "bad" wool - the tangled, the parts with lots of V(egetable)M(atter), the short bits... The answer: bird's nests, of course!

I tried various ways of making them in an efficient way. The best(?) turned out to be: wrap some dry wool around a small ball, well above the equator. Take one plastic shopping bag, previously twisted into a sort-of-spheric shape. Transfer the bag into the "nest", put the whole thing into an old panty-hose. Tie with a string.
I got 10 "nests" into one pair of pantyhose. Put it in the washing machine. Out of the 10 I got 8 passable:

It can even be said that the VM adds to the appearance! (IMO, of course ;-)
Now, it I only could find out a faster way to make the eggs...


Tien said...

Why not use silkworm cocoons?

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

There is a good answer to that: didn't think of it... :-D
Will see what I can find. Thanks for the idea!