Weftfaced, with 3-colours

seems not to be the answer.

At least - what I (think I) remember about the 3-colour version was that the colours should always rotate the same, 1-2-3.

Laura suggested the 3-colur version was meant to be woven weft-faced.
I took the draft from yesterday and asked for a weft-faced representation:

Hmm - but we all know that shifting the colours can make big difference. Below left started with orange, then yellow, red - below right the order is red, orange, yellow.

Apparently it is not THE solution...


Laura Fry said...

Interesting mystery you've uncovered.... :)

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

That was fast!!! It can't be minutes since I published...

If I only could remember *which* book it was - but I'm sure that it did not have pictures.

How nice it is that there are so many mysteries, out there :-)