Well – I was wrong, obviously

Remember this?

I wrote, then: "The coloured plastic is cut from cheap folders, the type that can take about 10 pages without overflowing. It will survive any kind of abuse - washing machine, any kind of iron, sunlight... and by doubling the colours it also becomes educational."
I wrote that because it had survived an east-looking window for almost 2 summer seasons. Now it lives in a south-by-east facing window, and this is what it looks like now:

The arrows point at what were light red circles - the blue and the yellow look as good as new, though.
Hmmm... maybe, if I could come up with a striking title I could double the price and thus get it sold immediately? (fading flowers? no – mutations? no - ageing with grace? no, that’s even worse)

Maybe I should just find a replacement piece of plastic, and hope for the best?

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Laura Fry said...

Well, that is disappointing. :(