Yesterday I attended the AGM of Riksföreningen för Handvävning, this year held in Ystad. The meeting itself was unremarkable – as so often, the board got support for all of their proposals :-D (It is a sign of good work, after all!)
This chandelier was over my head:

Some subscribe to the "no idle hands"-theory:

And this is an emergency-bag, to attract young weavers:

The bag is packed by the Jönköping guild, and is kept ready at all times, should there be a need...

There was also the exhibition, titled “Något att smycka ditt rum” (Something to adorn your room). Most of the exhibits were in glass cases:

On the other side, the contribution from our guild:

And yes, Ystad has the most fantastic waterspout (unfortunately without water, at the moment), a kelpie, no less, with fishes at his feet:

And, on the way home... can it be said that the rooks are castling? (sorry...)
Eller på svenska: finns det nå’t som heter råk-slott? Det borde det kanske göra...


Laura Fry said...

We have a look-out tree behind our house - every morning at least one sentry stands - er - perches - watch.


Birgitta said...

Roligt att du visar hur det var på årsmötet i Klosterkyrkan.
Kram Birgitta