Never travel naked!

In this case, never travel without sewing necessities.

I’ve been to a conferece with mainly female lecturers.
From the very beginning, talk was heard of how hopelessly "male" the design of today’s wireless microphones is – the little (well, not-always-so-little) transmitter needs to be put in a pocket, or fastened to something, to be hand-held (thus occupying one hand of the speaker) or to be placed on a table (thus reducing the speaker’s reach).

So this morning I presented the moderator with two transmitter bags – one fairly upscale (silk and golden cord):

... and the budget version (with silk pouch inside, to be visible):

My, er, "un-vention" (I mean, surely we have heard of small pouches, all of us?!?) got a lot of attention.

So now I have plans... watch this space!

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mormor said...

Du är inte dum, du! ;)
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