Fabric to frock

First catch your fabric...
If it turns out that your favourite fabric shop has stopped "doing" black velvet (Black velvet? Out of fashion? – come on...), you can always go to London, after having made sure that all shops at Goldhawk Road are still there.

Arrived at Shepherd’s Bush underground station. It snowed...

(When we first got the through-trains to Copenhagen, a prominent local politician talked about how wonderful it was to be able to get to London "before lunch". If you like your lunch late-ish, and have a car to take you to Växjö to catch the first train, I suppose it is still true...)

After rummaging in 3-4 shops, I had secured the velvet I needed. With still 2 hours to go before I had to leave for Gatwick, I had a well-deserved pint with some crab cakes.

- like Cinderella, I was home before midnight, if only just.

About 40 work-hours later, even the second gown was done. (The first had been mailed.)

I delivered it in person, yesterday. By train, this time.

Sunset over Stockholm.

It is good to be home.

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