Airplane upholstery

(yes – now you know just how cheap I am – if you don’t, well, I’m not telling... But they tend to be on time, which is A Good Thing when in a hurry.)

Warp is dark grey and orange, weft is dark and light grey.

When I "photoshopped" a dark picture, suddenly some stitching points appeared (click to enlarge):

Definitely not something to try on a 16-shafter, I don’t think.
And why isn’t there any stitching of the orange warp? Or is it just the angle? Had I got a pic perpendicular to this, perhaps there would have appeared more stitching points?

I’m not sure about the light grey frames – does it really add anything to have some in twill, some in plain weave?
(BTW, all visible twill is 3/1, or 1/3)

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nina said...

Ha, I often wonder about adding more structures(the tabby and twills) when looking at random upholstery fabric...were they just complicating things? Another possibility is that when weaving thousands of yards there are odd things that can happen with warp tension. It is possible that the plain weave solves some technical problem.