Fringes, anyone?

Yesterday I was demo-ing at my, maybe 13th, 14th? "culture day". I had no inspiration, so I brought a "fringe blank", and a page from the fringe book. (There were several "blanks" left over from the guild meeting...

This was the model:

After (too) long, and several mistakes, I decided to abandon that project:

(OK, I do know that one needs to practice to obtain any knowledge, but some knowledge feels more, um, unnecessary than others)

Next, a piece of "lattice" fringe:

Then I made some ordinary twisted fringe. From left to right: 2-ply (8 strands/ply, 100 twists), 2-ply (8 strands/ply, 50 twists), 3-ply (8 strands/ply, 100 twists), 3-ply (8 strands/ply, 50 twists) The untwisted length was about 40 cm, the sett was 8 doubled cotton 16/2 per cm, so each of the 2-ply fringes takes about 1 cm of warp.

The rightmost fringe is made from 3 2-ply strands (6 strands/ply) with macramé knots. Top portion has the knots alternating, bottom portion has knots from omly one side (which makes a spiral).

The background in the first pictures is a blanket that has figured as a "weave of the month" on the national guild site (June 2010, I think). It can also be found on Weavolution, here, with the text in English.

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