No more pawing around among the gown patterns:

Now that I have (yikes!) six different gown patterns, I decided it was time to make a "foolproof" organization. I made copies of such pattern pieces that are used in more than one, put one complete pattern, including a printout of the how-to description, fabric samples, best lay-out for production... in one bag and hung them over the guest bed in the studio.

Two more bags to prepare ('cos one of the gowns will never be produced again).

(And now you know where I buy my food, too :-)


Laura Fry said...

Organization is a wonderful thing. Perhaps one of these days I will *be* organized! :)


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Wait 'til you come here, and I'll show you how! (I wish... but at least the *patterns* are, and most of the yarns)