Mangled linens

And just because I managed to capture the sheen of mangled linens (in the last post), I'll dedicate a whole post to just them:

The picture is turned to make it as big as possible - click to make it even bigger!
And yes, they are different - I often like to make "families": the warp stripes are fixed (of course), but the weft stripes are varied - one placemat has even-sized stripes, one is "tromp-as-writ" until the size was right, one has just two sizes of stripes and so on.


Mette said...

Dräll och kalt-manglat lin - det er det smukkeste der findes :-)

Laura Fry said...

They look lovely and are a good advertisement for 'proper' compression. :)


Irene Lundell said...

De är så otroligt vackra!

Susan said...

Amazing! of course your linen is so finely woven that the gleam is amplified. So beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are stunning - what an amazing sheen! Definitely an encouragement to mangle thoroughly.