A word I have problems with

Do I mean checkered? Or plaid? Or...

Whatever is the correct English - today I hung my exhibition at the library in Lessebo. It has that title... say: Checkered? (with the question mark)

Some pictures:

These have been published - find them at Weavolution (or, for Swedish readers, as the weave of the month for June 2010).

4 V-shaped shawls.
A detail showing the "silver" coins in the small one (which also shows the, er, inconsistencies):

(You can read more about these here and here.)

The back wall with morse shawls - not a good photo, I'll have to get another one:

I now have another picture, but I'll leave the unfocussed one for the "overview" idea. Here is the new pic:

(And I still coulndn't find a way to redirect the spotlights - the ladder was too low, today as it was the other day... I did try to poke at them with a stick, but that wasn't "precise" enough. Oh well.)

And a couple of the screens -one with a "stone wall"

and another one, showing "checkeriness" (is that a word?) of a turned satin (handspun linen - mangled, of course!

There is also a chair and some miscellaneous double shawls

The exhibition is open Monday, Tuesday 11-18, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10-15 - and my exhibition is on until the end of July.

There may be a "program" or two - watch this space.

Anyway, welcome to look!

(no water spout in sight...  I'll try to remedy that. later)


Laura Fry said...

Looks good. :)

Sheila said...

Congratulations on an excellent show!

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Thank you both!