Time travel

(or: Bling, part 1)

I went to Stockholm last Friday. Cheap as I am, I went with the "low fares trainline" - . (Some years ago, I wowed never to do that again, but you know how it goes ;-)

Just to see their trains is a travel in time... been there, done that, worn out several t-shirts: these cars are from the 50-60-ies. And it shows.
However, this time they had a real restaurant car (without what used tro go with those "way back when" - paper plates and cups, microed "food" etc). This car was (I asked) from Norway, from 1968. I forgot the camera, but I just had to have some pictures (warning: all are out of focus, all snapped with my 'phone - they may be the first pics I have ever tried to take with the 'phone...)

The whole interior was... amazing: the wooden panels were real wood, all upholstery was royal blue with golden crowns (and some details in "solid" gold), even the lamps were gold...
And there were real chairs! Moveable chairs! (Haven't seen that in 30 years, at least.)


(just so you can get an idea of the whole thing - )

And yes - the crowns were sparkly (or had been).
Maybe this car started out as the Norwegian Royal Dining car?

To end: here is another royal crown, this one stationary in Stockholm:

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