Some sightings

in chronological order:

(London usually gives one a good walk-out, but I have never seen a whole troop. Yet, that is.)

Two armholes of the inverted-T type:
(seen at the Congregation of the Burgon society)

and one recommendation (or should that be "urging"?):
(spotted on the wall of Robes of Distinction)

Morning over "The Vale", Malvern:
(in reality, it looked like a seashore at ebb tide - some clumps of seaweed (I mean trees), sticking up over the low water (I mean fog). I had a very nice visit with Pat of Purple donsu - we even saw some sunlight later in the day)

On the whole, I had a very wet but very interesting and informative week-end.
Unfortunately, my homeward flight was delayed, which meant I missed the last train. The next train was at 4.26 (in the morning). It was a long night...

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Laura Fry said...

Ah the joys of long distance travel. :( Glad you made it home, even as late as it was. And I love the sew on and sew forth. :)