Yet another gown

One of "my" universities is getting a new rector.

I was invited to submit a sketch for the new rector's gown - and it was expressly said it should have sleeves.
(And I am grateful for that - the original pattern is not one I am proud of, these many years later. How did it come to look like that? Read parts of the story here...)

Yesterday I delivered it.

(unfortunately, the back view is blurry)

As you can see, it has elements of the original, and sleeves that are cousins to these.


mormor said...

Du är DUKTIG, du!
hälsningar Monika

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Äsch - jag gör det ju bara för pengarna!

Marianne said...

Om du inte var så duktig, skulle du inte kunna göra det bara för pengarna !