A sewing machine mystery

Someone sent me a question the other day: did I have a manual for a Husqvarna Triumf?

I don't, but the question made me look at it again - it has just sat there as a nice "décor" piece for years.

And I found I couldn't figure out how to thread it. To improvise, I took the thread over the, hm, "castle"?, behind the needle bar, and on down through the tensioning discs. It works, but can it be right?

I compared it to the Victoria, which has two thread guides, loops, that appear to be inserted into the casing:

There are no unaccounted-for small holes, no screws appear to be missing. There is one screw in roughly the right place, but it is a countersunk screw, flush with the casing. On the end piece, there is nothing looking to be missing, either.

(click to biggify)

Googling gave nothing.
Is there anybody out there who knows about these old Triumf machines? Someone having a manual?

(There are a few more pictures of both the Triumf and the Victoria here)


mormor said...

Så himla vacker symaskin!!!
En riktig prydnad.
Hoppas allt är bra med dig.
Hälsningar Monika

Unknown said...

Hi there!
I have a manual. From 1911 :-) if youre still interested.