Visit to Husqvarna

Husqvarna weapons factory was started in the late 1600's. They have manufactured several types of high-precision (and some not-so-high, too) metal, mostly iron and steel, products over the years. Nowadays the local historical society is responsible for the factory museum.

Obviously, they are most proud of the weapons and the motorcycles. (Several rooms of them, and then there was a room for chain saws, another one for robot lawn mowers, and ..., and ..., and finally a room for the sewing machines.

I, of course, went there to find out about the Triumf sewing machine. I did not have much immediate luck - the volunteers manning the shop weren't sewing machine specialists. (The suggestions I got... Well. Of course I don't know the first things about ancient firearms, so who am I to complain?)

There is very little information about the sewing machines. (Like the difference between chain stitch machines and machines with two threads; about the difference between shuttle machines and bobbin machines, for instance. This always disappoints me, when museums don't "give" of their special knowledge - .)
About the Triumf it was told that it was manufactured 1885 - 1931 and that it was especially popular among (itinerant) professionals.
There was one Triumf looking exactly like mine (ie no signs of a thread guide fallen off), and one specially made for the World Exhibition in Chicago 1893 (where it got a prize). (For Swedish click here.)
Why the model is called Triumf is unclear, as it differs a lot from the "ordinary".
Some pics (click to biggify):

(it sat in a glass case)

The most notable differences - the tensioning discs are on the front, and there are a couple of thread guides, too:

So the mystery is still unsolved.
With some luck, there is a manual somewhere in the archives, but the archivist was on holiday. Watch this space!

Now for the usual water spout:

The head at the spot is quite extreme (116 m), so nowadays the water is used to generate electric power - therefore the water cannot be seen. But it is there, inside the tube!

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Linda said...

Jag hade mycket trevligt på Fabriksmuseet när vi var där förra våren. Maken fascinerades av korvmaskinen, jag hängde vis stickmaskinerna och symaskinerna, sonen släppte inte motorsågarna med blicken - tja nått för alla :-)

vet inte om du känner till vår lilla FB-grupp om gamla maskiner: https://www.facebook.com/groups/687487491317989/
du är varmt välkommen!