Dräll pulleys, another configuration

Yet another way to combine/mount pulleys for multishaft weaving:

I had never seen dräll pulleys like these before. (Spotted at a flea market near me, and way too expensive just "for fun")

I think this way to mount them is asking for trouble: if the cross piece from which they are hung doesn't have the correct size, they will tilt. Even with the "correct" cross piece, there will be a completely un-necessary force on the axle.

No, if ever I go for dräll pulleys again, I think I will stay with the vertical arrangement.


mormor said...

Ja, dem var verkligen ovanliga. Jag har heller aldrig sett sådana förut.
Hoppas du har det bra.
Hälsningar Monika.

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Om du skulle vilja prova dem: de finns på loppisen i Eriksmåla - men de kostar 240 kr (har jag för mig).

Har du vävt nå't i Madesjö i år?


Laura Fry said...

Maybe that's why they survived? They didn't work well so got put aside?