The first snowdrop, the first daffodil and a mystery solved

The first snowdrop is outside the front porch:

On my other blog I have a label for the first snowdrop. I haven't had that label for more than 4 years, but it sure seems as if they start earlier and earlier...

"The first daffodil" (which may come to be the title of what is on the loom):

(but I plan to have one complete with petals a little higher up)

And the mystery:
I have noticed that hand-throwing shuttles on the AVL makes me tired much faster than on weaving on the old CM.
Today it dawned on me: the shuttle race is in the way!
On the CM I can hold the beater away with the thumb of the catch-hand, and put the hand with the palm under the shed opening. This way the shuttle flows right into the hand - but with a shuttle race, I have to catch the shuttle as it comes along the "shelf".
Also, the AVL beater is heavier than the other, so the thumb has to stay in its "holding-away" position a tad longer. So to catch the shuttle, I have to do the actual catch with the fore-finger on top, which in the next instant means I have to shift the grip on the shuttle to be able to throw it into the next shed...

(I tried to get a pic of this, but would have needed an extra hand for the camera)

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jean said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that daffodil- it'll surely be the first one for me this year as the temperature is still hovering around zero Fahrenheit and it'll be months before snowdrops or daffodils emerge.

Also, I'm extremely curious to see how the discontinuous white and green weft sections will move when the cloth is fulled.....