A Very Small Sample

Remember this?

I have been pondering possible changes, to make it into a clothing quality. Could I use a thicker yarn, or two ends per heddle (would perhaps give a little more flexibility/"drape")? Or could I just sley denser? But would the binding (structure) work at the extremely high sett?

The closest parts have some 12 dents/cm - round that to 10/cm - would mean a cotton 16/2 with 30 or 40 ends per cm... The open parts have about 3 - 3,5 dents per cm; would make about 10 - 14 epcm, which is quite acceptable. Nominal sett would be 15/cm or 20/cm with three and four ends/dent respectively.

There was still lots of narrow white warp left, threaded to an 8-shaft point. I re-threaded about half to have two ends/heddle, then sleyed the 2/heddle as 2 working ends/dent; sleyed the other half with some with 3 ends/dent, some with 4/dent (which, nominally, is the same as the 2/heddle part).

The result was a very narrow warp, which I wove with a couple of left-over quills: a soft cotton 16/2, a harder 16/2 and some linen 16/1.

The result? I think that the 1/heddle, 3/dent and linen weft may be a good place to start. There will have to be a bigger sample woven and properly finished before a final yardage is woven, though.

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Charlotte Engstad said...

Dette ser veldig spennende ut, ser fram til å se fortsettelsen. Du har brukt en såkalt solfjäderskje, ikke sant?