Help with comparing?

Dear all hawk-eyes out there, can you help?

The original of this picture is very small - this is as big as it can be without losing all definition...(click to biggify):

Is it the same (model) as this (pics not too great; there was not much space):

Both have the split table; there is a brace from the wheel upright to the back of the table; the maiden turnings are at least similar, as are the spokes. The treadle shape is not very distinctive, but they do look similar. Or?

- This is one example of an adjustable front maiden: an oblong hole, and a (missing) nut under the MOA cross-piece. To me this suggests there were two flyers of different size delivered from the beginning.


Laura Fry said...

It does look very similar. Something in a museum, looks like?


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Yes, the colour pics are from a, whaddayacallit? local museum - the b/w is from a leaflet from one of the big(gest) wooden floor manufacturer in Sweden. (They started out as wheelwrights)
But... some of us (OK, maybe just me) doubt their story: 1. some ppl think "it's a spinning wheel, that ought to be 'nuf"; 2. themselves, they use the above photo, BUT they, hm?, "endorse" a completely different wheel as being "their finest" when it comes to their local industrial museum... (watch this space for more wheel mystery/"porn" - oops, mean "eye candy")
- have recently had the "but it is *exactly* the same" argument a bit too often, you know: "this is a 4-block turned twill..." - "yes, I know, *exactly* the same as my overshot..."; cousin to "just what I want, except it has to be blue, have long sleeves and not buttoned - come to think of it, I would prefer a pair of trousers"...