Too many hats

Where has summer gone? And what have I been doing?

I have had too many hats, and only one head, that's what.

We are trying to organize a fibre-optic net locally (this is what living in the boondocks means - having to "fix" whatever we want ourselves... sometimes it is ok, sometimes less so);
we (a slightly different "we") are trying to organize a small museum for glass, not exactly technology, but showing old-ish machines, such as a manual press, a pantograph and... (read more here, only in Swedish);
I have been working on a couple of web sites - and I have had big problems with my web access (up/downloads of files bigger than a couple of k tended to die).

I have also washed my old kilim rug. To do this I had to invent a drying rack, as this (like all rugs) get very heavy when wet. My contraption may not work for wider rugs, but here it is, anyway:

take two ladders and some string, tie them together along the long edges (short strings on top, longer at the bottom), add one or more pieces of gutter upside down:

Next will be a stint of sewing, and, perhaps, more blogging.


Laura Fry said...

Nice to see you back in the blogosphere. :)

Nancy said...

I agree -I have missed your historical posts. nice rug, by the way!

Jamie Bennett said...

Do you know if Navajo weaving is the same technique as Kilim and if not, what is the difference? I am almost finished making a Navajo loom and looked up Kilim after seeing your rug--which is beautiful. Just curious!
Jamie in Western KY

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Sorry, Jamie,
- have never seen a Navajo rug in person... but I think they are different. Isn't there a book called "weaving a Navajo rug" or something similar?