From the flea market:

Two finds!

A small rep rug, of a very traditional quality, with a very traditional pattern:

It is about 45 cm wide and 150 cm long - it has several threading errors (the colours have been swapped).

The varp is a soft-twist multi-ply cotton in two colours. (Difficult to tell the grist - looks like perhaps a thickness like 8/2, but has more plies). Sett is about 16 ends per centimeter.

The thick weft consists of three strands of what looks like ordinary carpet warp, but the thin weft is thinner (than carpet warp, that is)..

Here is a (slightly out of focus) close-up of the selvage and the unfinished end:

and one of the "roses":

As you can see, this is woven with alternating thick and thin wefts throughout. Where the blocks change, the thin weft goes in the same shed as the thick (for the block that changes).

Here is a not-quite-correct draft of part of the pattern. The threading needs to be tweaked at the block changes, but as I'm not going to weave it myself , I leave that to you :-)

and the back view:

For the Americans out there: yes, this is a "ripsmatta". Rips means rep - matta means rug. Thus it is impossible to weave, say, a ripsmatta belt: "rep rug belt"??? Is that a rug OR a belt?

I also found a nice shuttle:

It both had the spindle for the bobbin and the spring was working, so it can actually be used "as is"!


Laura said...

Nice finds. :)

Birgitta said...

Jag gillar verkligen de gamla ripsmattorna.
Kram Birgitta