A Thursday in Borås

VÄV2011 was held in Borås the weekend past.

As usual there were lots of people, lots of yarns (but why so many knitting yarns?), lots of books... and lots of exhibitions.
As usual I wondered why I had gone, when I was inside in the heat, throng, ready-warped rug warps... (I seldom find anything at these fairs, 'cos I can't concentrate and I don't like to have to use my elbows to "get to see".)
I did meet with many old friends, some of which I haven't seen for years. This meant I had lots of coffee!

But: in Borås, there are several other things to be found. My big finds where about 75 meters of thin worsted fabric and 10 kgs of thin worsted yarn (I think he said it was 2/56, but it doesn't really matter), both from an industrial outlet.

Black is hopeless to photograph, at least to a hopeless amateur like me! The fabric has a nice drape, which may (or not) show in the picture.
The yarn is posing on the table of one of my sewing machines, and lies beside a cotton 22/2.

On the way home, I visited an exhibition (no water spouts in sight, but it rained).
This was labelled as an "area rug", and the pattern is just brushed. The attendant assured me it was not fixated(?) in any way, which means one can't touch it without destroying the images. Not very practical, but impressive to see all the detail the artist had managed to "brush in" (click to enlarge).

10 minutes from home, there were double rainbows pointing at my house, but as I was driving these will have to do:


Anonymous said...

I am really intrigued by the brushed images in the rug. I've always liked the patterns you get when vacuuming a pile rug, but to use it as a technique for making art - that is a leap I would never have made!

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Once I tried to make patterns while mowing the lawn - I suppose it worked (ie there were patterns) but I could not make *pleasing* patterns.

In horseracing, there used to be a custom to pattern the horse's rump: after it was brushed shiny, one got a sheet of plastic with holes, put tha on the horse and brushed the other way. Instant checks! Do they still do that, I wonder?