The importance of being colourful?

In response to Laura's post on Yarn (which sounds like an interesting book, but...):
Many years ago, there was a short story published in either SS&D or Handwoven. It was a delightful story, and it went something like this:

Once upon a time there was a little village. The inhabitants were dour and depressed (maybe depressing? ;-), life in the village was a drag, the children were listless... even the dogs were unhappy. Everyone was dressed in black, grey, drab colours all.
Then the village weaver died, and the villagers set out to find a new one. They found two young brothers who accepted the job.
The brothers arrived, and unloaded lots of colourful yarn and cloth. Nobody wanted to buy their cloth, because clothing should be drab, as it always had been. After a while they persuaded a mother to get something colourful for her child - and the child soon started to laugh and play. Slowly, slowly they persuaded the other villagers to try colours.
It took some time, but then the village (and its life) was totally transformed - people were happy, life was not half as dour as it had been before, there was play and laughter everywhere.

... just a thought, now that darkness and cold is before us... Some re-used pictures:

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Laura Fry said...

I totally agree - colour is *very* important - especially after the grey, dreary 'summer' we have had here. Thanks for the cheerful photos. :)
where it is once again overcast, wet and miserable looking outside