On (other) exhibitions

Last week I went to not one, not two but *three* exhibitions.

The first was "Fashion stories" by Lars Wallin, a retrospective over 20 years of creating couture and prêt-a-porter. (At the moment there is a slide-show here, but who knows for how long it will be up... the exhibition closes on Sept 18th.)

The clothes were fantastic - but the public was... disappointing. All comments I overheard were about which celebrity had worn which dress, and when.

Another slight disappointment was the state the exhibition was in (ok - it was the last week of a 4-month period), but...
So: reminder to self: if I ever have an exhibition longer than, say, 2 weeks, remember to go check it, possibly bringing a steam iron.

No pictures, but as it has almost come to be a tradition on this blog: a water spout:

The next was at Moderna Museet. Another water spout:

(This water spout is part of this).

Unfortunately, I missed the summer exhibition of Siri Derkert's life and work.
I saw her clothes re-created some years ago, but it would have been nice to meet them again.

For those interested in clothes from the '20ies, there is a book (.pdf) here, describing the project of re-creating Derkert's clothing at Textilhögskolan in 2001. (Text in both Swedish and English)
(And for readers of Swedish - I found a blog I will visit again: Modearkivet.)

The third? Not really anything to mention, but here is the water spout:

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