V-shawl, the usual way

In the last post, I wrote about "another" method to weave V-shawls.

Perhaps a short explanation about the "usual" way could be called for :-)

Here goes:
I weave the two legs of the V in double layers. When the legs are the correct length, I cut the warps, one at a time, and let them become wefts. The web will become narrower, and when I am out of warp ends, the V is complete and can then be unfolded.

Unless planning for a design feature, I want the structure to be maintained around the fold - like this (picture not to scale):

... when first I started weaving these shawls, I had a hard time getting the more complicated structures (like twill... or lace weaves, or a goose eye...) correct. I developed a method - and published it. You can buy the book from me or or Vävmagasinet in Swedish or English. For those of you in the Americas, it can be bought from Laura Fry.

The plan here is to weave a scarf with double weave pockets with coins in (some of) them.
At the start of the join:

As the weft does not hold "the other" selvedge (here the left), I tie provisional knots as I weave.

Why provisional? - because the selvedge will probably not be as straight as I would like it. When finishing, I untie the knots and try to straighten the edge, the tie the "real" fringe knot.

After some cutting, a look at the warp beam:

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