After appliqué-ing...

my fingers look like this:

Probably I should learn to use a thimble...

The red silk had to be backed, and I choose a black bourette I had on hand. This meant the left hand not only got scratched, but also black from the crocking bourette.

For the first gown, I did the appliqué before I attached the facings. Easier to work, harder to attach to the gown.
So, for the second gown, I first attached the facings, and did the appliqué afterwards. Much more unwieldy, but easier to match.

Total: more than five meters of gold lace appliqué, with a golden "rod" in the middle.

Now the gowns are done and delivered, and I'm hoping for "official" pictures soon...

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Laura Fry said...

me too - in the needing to learn to use a thimble category. Ouch. But gorgeous!