The snake-adorned gowns in use!

The gowns were for the rector and pro-rector (some would say the vice chancellor and the pro vice chancellor) of Karolinska Institutet , Sweden's oldest medical universtiy. They are celebrating their 200-year jubilee this year, and wanted new gowns for the highest officials. (So now you know why the snakes are there... :-)

The gowns were first worn at the ceremony of promotion of the new doctors (I guess I should say the ceremony of conferment of the PhD degree in medicine) last week.

Now I have found the site for all the photos of the event. There are a lot, so... here is a short list of the photos most interesting to me:
This shows the rector in front, the pro rector in the background (opens in new window). Click "next" for a picture of the pro rector.
I also like this photo. Photo nr 499 and 501 are nice, too.


Laura Fry said...

the rector looks very happy in her new gown. Congratulations on getting them done in time (in spite of pricked fingers!!!)


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Thank you! It was a close call... I almost had to drive 6 hrs to deliver, at the postal service is not the best these days.