Fringe twisters

In between the sewing - a new batch of gowns is under way - I needed to do something more "rustic".
This is the result: a bunch of fringe twisters with gold forks for handles. As they were so easily bent I suspect they are real gold ;-)

After lots of experimenting I started to make three-pronged fringe twisters about a year ago. They all have cutlery for handles, and chessmen for the turning knobs. Now I have fine-tuned the process, so I dare offer them for sale for a bigger public... Should you be interested, e-mail me.


Laura Fry said...

What fun. If the gold is real the forks are probably worth more than the fringe twisters. :D

Great way to recycle old cutlery.


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Yes - and as there are only six of them (with gold forks, that is), you'd better be quick if you want to make a fortune...

Lynnette said...

The fringe twisters are very inventive. I've been hankering for a triple twister, but don't think I can affor gold!