More lattice scarves

Still the simplest of patterns, but now woven on a "real" loom (meaning the old CM ;-), and therefore threaded on 6 shafts, to get the shuttles to always come out on the correct side. I also changed the tieup to have a better "bottom" of the shed, for easier shuttling for wider warps. Tieup for sinking shed:

Even though I use the same yarn as always, I haven’t got the wet finishing "perfect" (meaning it fulls/felts a little different for each machine load). Maybe I should invest in a few more mesh bags?

Anyway: finished and properly pressed:

I meant to leave them in the Lammhult gallery, but they looked too much like "trellis on trellis", so they will be in my home shop/studio instead.


Laura Fry said...

What fun. They should be good for summer tourists? (Thumbs held some come!)


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Here's hoping... :-) (unless we all are blown away, stormy night/day, including hail)

A new run, green-on-green, is underway.